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  1. Max Fordyce said:

    Hi Emma.
    My name is Max Fordyce. I hope you remember me from past years at your folks farm. I delivered hay and produce to your folks.
    U read your article in our local Bethany newspaper. It was interesting, I knew you went to Oklahoma or Texas because I am in touch with your uncles and aunts and cousins. Every fall and early winter I deliver produce to he Amish communities all over the area.
    Just yesterday I delivered apples and pineapple to Yoder’s variety store north of Lamoni to Lizzie and Amanda (Gingerich), There was 2 young ladies helping in the store. They were your two sisters visiting from Maine. Do you believe?? Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes a life time to understand. I showed the article in the paper to your cousins, Lizzie, Amanda, Kate (Kati) and Lavina. I did not who the article to your sisters. I will order two books from you when availible. I’d like to hear from you either by E-mail or regular mail.

    Always your friend, Max Fordyce
    E-mail address
    address Max Fordyce 26685 east 270th ave. Ridgeway Mo. 64481

  2. Annette Copeland said:

    My name is Annette Copeland and I live in Easton, Maine! I just read your book…couldn’t put it down. I am acquainted with most of your family as well as Anna, Abe, Norman and the rest of the Miller’s. I look forward to your sequel.

  3. I, too, am looking forward to your sequel!

  4. Norm Wolverton said:

    Emma. I took a picture of your mom when I was visiting my birthplace in Easton, Maine. How can I email it to you?? She was delivering lunch to your brother on my brother’s farm.
    Norm Wolverton

  5. Gloria Hoke said:

    Just got done reading your book. Awesome and can’t wait for the next one!

  6. Rachel Lepree said:

    Emma – We were friends on Facebook but I see your account is deactivated – I hope everything is all right, I am just concerned, not being nosy.

  7. Yes Rachel, I am doing great. 🙂 Thanks for your concern!

  8. Jordan Classen said:

    Hi!!! I attend Castle View high school and was doing A LOT of research about Amish life! I find it super fascinating and want to know so much more about the Amish Culture! I was wondering if you could share the Ordnung with me?

  9. Jennifer Gilligan said:

    I loved your book. I learned new things about the Amish that I had not known before, lol. I went to Lancaster, PA when I was younger and learned some of the ways of the Amish.
    I live in Texas too. Actually, only about 30 minutes from Stephenville. I have always been fascinated by the Amish ever since I was a little girl. I know that makes me sound like some Englisher Tourist.

  10. Peter Kadar said:

    Hi Emma

    I am reading your book and have learnt much more about the Amish way of life than any historical text could provide. I have been Impressed with your open and honest descriptions and the story of your “Great Escape” . I wish you all the best in the “English” world.

  11. Judith TObeñas said:

    Hi my name is Judith and I live in Barcelona and I am studying high school and have chosen to do a job on Amish life and since you are a former amish I would like to ask you some questions about it for my job, if I could I would do a great help

  12. Carolè said:

    Carolè Baker

  13. Carolè said:

    I have read many, many AMISH Books and never realized their were different ‘sectors’ to these people. Something about these books caught my interest and attention over 20 years ago whilst living in Western Australia at that time and that author was Beverly Lewis – from there on I was ‘hooked’. It is as though there is a little ‘Amish’ in me. I found your book so different to all of the others I have read (Many); but would love to continue reading more. I have a wonderful Librarian at my small Library in Paynesville who has gone out of her way to getting more books. Thank you for all your stories and I hope to read many more.

    Sincerely Carolè


  14. Joe miller said:

    I left the Amish when I was 18 also. It is interesting to read about what it was like for other x amish when they left and what it was like growing up at home while being Amish. I loved reading your book and can’t wait for your next one.☺ I could never sit down and write a book about my childhood but do give a lot of credit for the ones that can. You definitely went through a lot. Hang in there.☺

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