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Tonight I went to McDonalds to grab dinner. I only go there once a year on valentines day. 🙂 Just Kidding. I ordered what should be pretty easy for anyone to understand, but apparently not the young guy at the register. Especially with all the new slang nowadays my accent should blend right in. haha

The ordering went like this:

Me: I want a McChicken with cheese

MC Guy: Swizz cheese??

Me: No, with cheese

Mc Guy: wiz cheese?? (he looks at me wide eyed and confused).

Me: (instantly Wiz Khalifa the rapper went to my mind. Lol, I don’t know why).  Let me rephrase my order. PUT CHEESE ON MY McCHICKEN sandwhich. I didn’t yell, I just spoke clearly.

Mc Guy: smiles and goes around the corner. Then comes back with a bag and says I put two McChickens WIZ cheese.

Apparently I say WIZ for WITH. 😦