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My Monday started like any other day, actually it was better than any other day of the week, it was so good that I forgot that it was one of those dreaded Monday’s everyone always love to hate. But as I left work, Monday finally showed it’s nasty rear end…but I managed to laugh at myself later.

After work, I went to the post office to mail off books and pick-up a package. As I left the post office, I was looking at the package I had just received (something personal from a family member) and I was having mixed emotions about it. And as I was driving downtown the big city of Arlington and deep in thought about my family…I decided to make a right turn and go a different route home. When I made that turn, a big red sign flashed in my face that said “DO NOT ENTER” whoooops! I just entered a one way street and there are three-lanes of cars coming straight at me. I quickly pulled over to a curb side parking spot and just sat there, hyperventilating big time. I didn’t dare to look out the window for fear that people would be laughing at my stupidity. But I peeked, and the cars kept coming and coming… there was no end in sight. I realized I wouldn’t be able to turn around with all the traffic. I was screwed.

I thought about my options. Call 911? No that would be really weird. Calling a police station might be better, but it was still embarrassing… finally I picked up my phone and called God – I prayed really hard for a way out of my jam, by now almost 8 minutes had passed and there were still cars coming on all three lanes. As I sat there with my eyes closed and head bowed, I decided to take another peek outside… what my eyes saw was just unbelievable! A TRAIN was crossing the big highway… and the traffic was gone… all the cars were stopped on the other side of the train track. Praise God for trains I yelled as I made a U-turn and was finally going the right direction πŸ™‚

I was so thrilled by God’s quick respond to my emergency prayer that I accidently ran two red lights and I was driving over the speed limit. Holy Crap, I better get a grip on my driving I thought… I swear it got worse since I moved to the city about 2 month ago. So from now on I am going to drive like an old lady or man, because I want to live long enough to travel to Australia for a vacation and grow-up enough to get married someday. Plus I could be saving someone else’s life too, which was the MOST important part. I shutter at the thought of being a reckless driver and hurting someone or worse taking someone’s life.

My advice: don’t drive like this Amish girl in the city does. πŸ˜‰